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Whether your organization uses SSH or RDP for remote system access, CryptoAuditor enables you to effectively reduce security risks, to reliably meet current and emerging compliance mandates, and to efficiently reduce costs associated with the administration of your ICT environment. With CryptoAuditor you can:

• Monitor and record SSH, secure file transfer (SFTP), and Remote Desktop (RDP) connections in real time.

• Collect the recorded connection data automatically, in a centralized, easily manageable manner.

• Review the recorded connections as session transcripts and video replays. Free-text searches into recorded sessions allow you to quickly find important information. With SFTP session recordings, it is also possible to download the transferred files for review.

• Receive periodic reports from the contents of recorded connections, and real-time email alerts of system events that you deem as critical.

• Reduce the risk of unpleasant liability surprises by ensuring and increasing compliance with both internal and external compliance mandates.

• Utilize your existing user authentication methods (such as LDAP or RADIUS) also for CryptoAuditor.

• Expand the audited ICT environment according to your needs.

• Do the above as transparently as you choose, and with minimal invasion to the workflow of your trusted insiders.

CryptoAuditor provides an enterprise grade, fully interoperable and scalable monitoring, recording and auditing solution for SSH, SFTP and RDP connections. CryptoAuditor can also be used as an efficient, centralized management solution for controlling privileged access, without disturbing the existing IT environment.
CryptoAuditor intercepts SSH, SFTP, and RDP traffic according to customizable connection rules. Intercepted connections are unencrypted, recorded, then re-encrypted and forwarded to their original destination on the fly, with no impact to the remote users' work.
The collected data is saved in a central storage component, each session as an individual stored connection.
Keyword searches can be performed on the automatically indexed session contents. The duration for which stored connections are stored can be configured based on the enterprise's needs. Older stored connections can be archived with incorporated system features.

CryptoAuditor also features access control mechanisms. To ensure that only relevant personnel have access to critical business servers, CryptoAuditor can be configured to allow only specified users to access selected servers in the IT environment.
The CryptoAuditor system has a web-based graphical user interface for streamlined system operation.
CryptoAuditor's role-based access control allows you to precisely scope the range of tasks that each CryptoAuditor administrator may perform, in reflection to their individual tasks.
CryptoAuditor can provide real-time email alerts of system events that are regarded as important.

Transparent auditing of SSH, SFTP, and RDP connections

• Connections can be audited while providing various levels of transparency. In many of the supported operation modes, the user experience over an audited connection is not affected in any visible way.

• Customizable connection rules allow you to precisely control what connections are recorded, and the extent to which they're recorded.

• Recorded sessions are saved as text-based transcripts and graphical replays.

• Free-text searches into indexed session replays allow you to quickly find the interesting information without having to replay entire sessions.

Access control for privileged access
• Control which users are allowed to connect to specific servers using configurable connection rules. The connections can simultaneously be audited.

• Supports the use of existing user authentication infrastructure (such as LDAP or RADIUS servers), which allows you to enforce existing access rules via CryptoAuditor.

Automatic reports and alerts
• Automatic email alerts of suspicious system and audit events.

• Generate reports based on recorded sessions.

Secure and user-friendly design principles
• Centralized architecture that provides a scalable solution to IT environments of varying sizes.

• Recorded sessions can be saved with separate protection parameters for increased security.

• Multiple operation modes allow the system to be easily incorporated into diverse network topologies.

• Multiple high availability levels increase fault-tolerance, and ensure continued service in critical parts of the auditing enviroment.

• Integrated functionality for easy CryptoAuditor system management, including system upgrade, backup, and restoration. Stored connections can be archived to a remote server to save storage space.

• Supports centralized and distributed management with role-based administrator accounts.

• Available as a dedicated, pre-installed hardware appliance or a virtual appliance.

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