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SSH ConnectSecure is designed for FTP replacement. It is a client-side product that provides FTP-SFTP Conversion, enhanced file transfer, and transparent FTP and TCP tunneling services for connecting to a Secure Shell server.

SSH ConnectSecure offers an automated way to move from an unsecured system to a secured system with only small changes to the existing network topology. In organizations, data must be moved to support business continuance, disaster recovery, compliance to regulations and long-term preservation of business records, and made available for distributed access. The data can be exchanged between people, between people and backend systems, or between computers.

SSH ConnectSecure can be placed next to FTP hosts to capture unsecured plaintext data traffic, such as files and data traffic between applications. SSH ConnectSecure then transports the data encrypted either by converting it to SFTP or by tunneling it over Secure Shell (SSH). The data is delivered to the destination host secured and safe from man-in-the-middle attackers.

SSH ConnectSecure is meant to secure server-to-server connections within heterogenous corporate networks.
SSH ConnectSecure can connect to SSH Server, another Secure Shell server and mainframe computers running SSH Server for IBM z/OS.


• Elimination of the need to replace all FTP clients, unsecured applications or legacy business software in heterogeneous networks.

• Compliance with data security regulations, such as PCI-DSS, SOX, FISMA, Basel II and HIPAA.