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Real-time Integration of IBM Mainframes

Using tcACCESS, the bidirectional exchange of information between an IBM Mainframe and MS-Windows, UNIX, LINUX/Linux on System z, etc. is simpler, faster and can be implemented with little programming effort. It is not relevant whether the system integration should take place at the data-, application- or presentation level.

tcACCESS processing is simple and straightforward: The tcACCESS communication-modules on the Mainframe (Mainframe Software) and on the Client (Workstation Software) manage the communication and the traffic between the different systems. They compensate the differences between the platforms. They assure that data is converted into the correct format (EBCDIC-ASCII) and take care that different field types are automatically adjusted.

tcACCESS allows the processing of relational and non-relational mainframe data using standard SQL-syntax. The main goal is to eliminate all programming requirements for the extraction and modification of the IBM-mainframe data. Because of SQL, standard industry interfaces like ODBC and JDBC/J2EE are supported. This guarantees a transparent and smooth integration of Client-Server- and Web applications with an IBM-mainframe system.

The modular architecture of tcACCESS guarantees a high degree of flexibility and allows for optimal implementation into company specific environments. The tcACCESS concept offers the optimal solution for all integration requirements.


  • Automatic recognition of data-structures in copybooks for COBOL, PL/I, ASSEMBLER, RPG
  • Virtual Table Support for OCCURS, OCCURS DEPENDING ON, Multiple Fields (ADABAS), Periodic Groups (ADABAS)
  • Automatic detection of redefinitions
  • Automatic analysis of IMS/DLI PSB and DBD to determine the optimum access strategy
  • Wizard support during import
  • META-data become part of global tcACCESS dictionary