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Real-time Data Replication and Change Data Capture

DBMoto performs refresh and real-time data replication for your enterprise server and desktop replication needs. All major database platforms such as IBM DB2 (including i/System i/iSeries/AS400, AIX, Linux, Windows, and z/OS), Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase ASE, SQL Anywhere, Cloudscape, MySQL, Informix, Ingres, PostgreSQL, Gupta SQLBase, Firebird and Solid are supported. DBMoto now supports Netezza data warehouse appliances as a target.

In Refresh (Snapshot) mode, DBMoto reads data, applies administrator-defined mapping rules, and writes the result on the target database. In Mirroring mode, DBMoto performs real-time incremental replications from source to target, based on transaction log activity and applying Change Data Capture to minimize data traffic. In Synchronization mode, DBMoto performs bi-directional mirroring with built-in conflict resolution in order to synchronize data between source and target databases. DBMoto now offers Multi-Server Synchronization, coordinating the synchronization of data among three or more databases.

Powerful, easy to use administrative Wizards make setup a snap. And, unlike other data integration solutions, DBMoto offers unlimited control over data replications and transformations using programming-free scripting technology.


  • Real time mirroring based on transaction log activity
  • Full refresh replication
  • Synchronization mode
  • No programming needed
  • Administrative Wizards
  • Table Synchronization
  • Full customization via scripting
  • Built-in transformation functions, with extensive custom functions
  • Automatic creation of target tables
  • Remote accessibility of Management
  • Center console
  • Extensive internal and Windows log reporting and accessibility
  • User-friendly graphical interface and platform
  • DBMoto Verifier function to compare replication results
  • Advanced Error Management
  • Replication Grouping