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Archieve Single Sign-On & Intrustion, Detection for Multi-platform Environments

Vanguard solves registration and enrollment problems with a universal password and intrusion detection solution for multi-platform environments.

Vanguard ez/SignOn™ is a single password sign-on solution for multi-platform environments. It redirects authentication from different platforms to the zSeries Security Server™ (RACF®), automatically collects user id information for administrators, and allows end users to utilize the same password to safely sign onto multiple systems in the enterprise, including Windows, Novell, Sun Solaris®, HP-UX™, Red Hat Linux®, AIX®, and others.

Vanguard ez/SignOn™ provides a single point from which a user's access can be controlled. Combined with the Enforcer intrusion management system, ez/SignOn™ increases security through real-time 24x7 intrusion management across the enterprise.

ez/SignOn™ is a prime example of how Vanguard Security Solutions™ can protect profits, enhance productivity, and dramatically increase enterprise security.


  • Improved security for password administration through a single point of control - the most secure, most trusted computer on the network - the mainframe.
  • Improved productivity is through fewer delays and fewer lockouts due to incorrect passwords.
  • Real-time detection and prevention of attempted access with a fraudulently obtained password is provided through sophisticated intrusion management capabilities.
  • Improved help-desk productivity by allowing technical staff to concentrate on solving other issues rather than password maintenance activities.
  • Greater user acceptance of new platforms when new passwords do not need to be memorized.
  • More easily administer, analyze, assess and report on cross-platform logon activities via the other members of the integrated Vanguard Security Solutions™.
  • Improved company profitability due to higher productivity and lower costs throughout the enterprise.

Vanguard's ez/SignOn™ greatly simplifies computer access for end-users. It also reduces training time, as well as the dependency on technical support organizations and help-desk personnel. ez/SignOn™ makes it easy and convenient to manage passwords in multi-system environments.