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Bring System Z Security to Your Applications

Bringing Mainframe Security To Your Applications - ez/Integrator allows diverse platforms to interface and use the proven authentication, authorization and auditing capabilities of an IBM® mainframe.

Vanguard ez/Integrator makes it easy to interface software applications running on other platforms to use the proven authentication, centralized authorization checking, and auditing services of a mainframe's trusted security database (RACF®). Vanguard ez/Integrator is an easy-to-use, powerful Applications Programming Interface (API) that is part of the Vanguard family line of security software solutions. Your software solution can now easily link to the mainframe with Vanguard applications programming interface (API) without having to create a whole new security infrastructure.

In addition, ez/Integrator can be used to help you create a customized security solution for your applications. ez/Integrator also makes it easy to "embed" specific Vanguard security technologies into your company's software application for e-business environments and other unique solutions. You can now record or store important information from software running on other platforms - like event messages - to the mainframe's System Management Facility (SMF).

How it works

ez/Integrator creates and manages a secured communications link between a variety of platforms and the existing mainframe security infrastructure, enabling RACF to serve as a common security directory. This means that enterprise-wide applications can reference existing RACF controls and audit facilities.

A product or application is often tied to the operating system and its support of a programming language. The product or application requires the features of that system to operate properly. ez/Integrator currently supports multiple systems such as Windows®, UNIX®, AS400®. Products or applications using ez/Integrator can easily move to another platform, in most cases only requiring recompilation.

By centralizing security around existing and proven security services on the mainframe, ez/Integrator eliminates the redundant administration activities often associated with developing distributed applications.


  • Integrate New Applications with Mainframe Security
  • Platform Independence
  • Centralized Auditing
  • Single Point of Control
  • Portability
  • Concept of Inheritance
  • Making Security Easier
The Three AAA's of Security

  1. Authentication - ez/Integrator provides the capability to authenticate user Ids and passwords from many distributed platforms and applications against the most secure password repository in your enterprise, the zSeries Security Server (RACF).
  2. Authorization - ez/Integrator allows an application to use the zSeries Security Server (RACF) to perform authorization checking.
  3. Auditing - ez/Integrator provides customizable, mainframe-strength centralized auditing facilities.